The idea for KL Creative was born circa nineteen ninety-something, thanks to a mother whose creativity had me crafting something, decorating my bedroom, rearranging the living room, making scrap books, taking photos, drawing, painting, singing and dancing through most of my childhood. Fast forward 30+ years (a lady never reveals her age), and I've never stopped enjoying these things.


I consider myself very blessed to have been given the opportunity to follow my heart and find my true calling as a "creative" person. I rely on my imagination, my curiosity, my sense of style, my education, my natural instinct to see things in thirds, and my ability to decipher even the most miniscule shift in color to chart the course for every new project.


If you're still reading, Hello! and thanks for hanging out for a bit.

I'm Kim Weekley-Warga -- KL is for Kimberly Lyn, and the Creative...

well -- no other word seemed to fit better for what it is I do.

My innate creativity is the part of me that I identify with the most.

My areas of specialty are photography, art direction and marketing consultation. If you need some creative copy or help with your UX design, that's my sweet spot too! Social media strategy, photo shoot production, logo design and branding are some cool things that I'm pretty good at as well. What I'm trying to say is... I've done a lot in my career, I've learned even more, and I'm excited to help those who are trying to win the game in marketing!